Talent Management Plus™

Transform Talent into Superior Performance

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Optimize Your Workforce by Job Matching with Talent Management Plus™


What if you had a fail-safe, EEOC compliant way to DISCOVER talent, ENGAGE teams, ADVANCE leaders and PERFORM excellence?

Today, more than ever, organizations gain a competitive edge when they hire the right talent, strategically retain and optimally develop them into the superior performers they need.

When these strategies align with the intrinsic values and motivators employees bring to the organization, an unmatched synergy is created.

Job Match for Superior Performance

Our Job Matching or Benchmarking Process enables organizations to assess a specific job — not the person — and the qualifications required for candidates to be successful. From there, our tailored process can be used in selection and development to create better overall job fit, buy-in and vastly improve retention.

Talent Management Plus™, or TMP, IS the only assessment-based screening system powered by job matching. Users of TMP enjoy a smarter, more efficient way to hire people.  As a state-of-art system, we remove the guesswork from finding talent, eliminate wasted time usually associated with hiring, and increase employee retention.

These unique talent acquisition tools empower HR managers and recruiters to identify superior performance criteria for any position and then accurately match candidates to this criteria, resulting in employees being inherently motivated and engaged in their work.


benchmarking_info_09-page-001Job Matching with TMP identifies:

  • Key accountabilities for the job
  • Critical competencies, behaviors and motivating factors required by the job for superior performance
  • Candidates’ competencies, behaviors and intrinsic motivators for degree of match to the job
  • Gaps for targeted on-the-job development

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